My kajira and her discipline


My kajira shall not be posting her usual blogs here for a certain length of time. As of last night things happened in her homelife which made her disobey my orders for her to eat, bathe and sleep. Furthermore she acted in an unacceptable manner that does not reflect herself well under my care and ownership.

So for the next two months she shall only be posting essays I have assigned to her. With luck should be one post per week. Unfortunately my punishment has to be on the strict side to be a deterrent to future situations that may come. I never punish out of anger or upset but merely to help her grow in being a kajira. More important, she is love kajira so her discipline cannot be light as my expectations are much more.

2 responses

    • Well she is at the moment allowed only to speak in kajira protocol and cal and the slave part of her are starting to join together as of this morning. As well her discipline is much harder and more consuming but she understands why it is she is being disciplined. So yes, she is following my commands. Though she is trying to wrap her mind around the latest change where her slave self is melding into her personality. Plus she is dealing with Richard’s absence while he is staying over at his mum’s for a few days.