What Lies mean to me

Truth lies

Truth lies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have a huge hatred of lies.

I always have. I suppose I always will.  I cannot lie – its seen in my face clearly.

This is my rant. I have been lied to more times over the years by people I love or loved…. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so trusting. I have been hurt by their lies more from watching the attempt at cover up than by what would be the truth.

It destroys my faith, little by little and has me sometimes to the point that I cannot see why I want to carry on – what I have to live for when the people I have faith and trust in hurt me.

Is that what life is about?  Covering your ass all the time? Dressing it up to yourself by saying I am doing it because I dont want this person hurt because of me? or because I am ashamed of my actions? of myself and dont want to face up to my reality?

I may not challenge most lies told to me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t see them. I choose to ignore them most of the time so harmony will prevail. So others don’t get hurt… is that me lying to myself?


Lies are without honour

How can you live with honour and integrity if you lie.

Even the person I loathe the most deserves the respect of my truth.

Lies corrupt

Once one is told, how many more will you have to tell to cover the initial lie?

How deep will the hole be dug before it is found or it becomes your tomb?

Lies bite you in the ass

Lies eventually are found out. It may be a year, it may be a few hours. it may be a few decades. They are discovered.

How many loved ones are you willing to hurt just to save face?

Lies destroy trust

One lie, two lies, how many will you tell and have discovered before trust is destroyed completely?

If you lie about one thing – how can a person trust anything else you say?


Lies dont hurt, the finding out about them does. The damage of lies can be repaired. More lies cannot do that though, only the truth can and yeah, it hurts. It hurts a lot. That is the lesson that lies teach us.

Maybe we only really see and appreciate the joy in life is we can also recognise and feel the pain….

Maybe we only really see the truth when all the lies crumble… is that the truth of others through their lies though?

Or is it the truth of ourselves who have been weaving the lies?

I fear for a lot of people,  when they die they never realise who they were or what they had in this lifetime for lack of a mirror.

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